A Most Mechanical Murder!

Immersive Murder Mystery London experience

Immersive Murder Mystery- Moonstone Murders at Phantom Peak
A Most Mechanical Murder! Immersive Murder Mystery at Phantom Peak

Thursday 27th June 2024

Transport yourselves to the Steampunk World of Phantom Peak, where the most mechanical of mysteries requires your Detective skills to solve. 

Friends, brothers and sisters, a sad occasion has fallen upon Phantom Peak, as they gather to attend the funeral of a beloved murdered citizen…a robot by the name of the LoveBot 5000. As the last rites and user warranty are read, horror strikes as one of the mourners is murdered as well! Fortunately, Inspector Rutherford passing through the town on his travels, and requires the assistance of budding Detective’s across the land to travel to town to solve the case.

Join Moonstone Murder Mysteries at Phantom Peak in June for this London immersive theatre experience, where you will have the opportunity to interrogate a town full of suspects, decipher clues and try avoid red herrings along the way!

All the clues are there, will they be deduced? Can you catch the killer?

Phantom Peak is a fully immersive, open world experience- a living breathing town where mystery lurks around every corner.

What is A Most Mechanical Murder?

A Most Mechanical Murder is an Immersive Murder Mystery experience, where you are encouraged to play and participate to try and catch the killer. Throughout the experience, you will be able to explore the Town, questioning suspects, deciphering clues/ puzzles and trying to avoid any red herrings along the way! This is an Immersive Detective experience, engaging with our Suspects to try and solve the case and collecting clues along the way. Moonstone only works with professional comedy improvisers, ensuring an engaging and entertaining night on the case!

Is there an age restriction?

The Murder Mystery is an 18+, for family friendly visits to Phantom Peak, you can book tickets to attend their current Show, via their Website. 

How many tickets can you book?

As many as you like! The show can be played as individuals, in pairs, fours, eights and as many additional names as your calculator will also, so you can book just for yourself, a friend or assemble a large Detective team.

What time does the show start?

The Show will begin at 7:30pm, with doors opening for food from 6:30pm. We ask you arrive on time to prevent any delays in the performance. We cannot guarantee latecomers will be admitted due to the nature of the show. The Inspector or The Inspectors Assistant will meet you outside to begin your adventure.

Do I need to have attended Phantom Peak before to know what’s going on?

Not at all, but we strongly recommend you check out their experience when you can! The show will be set in the World of Phantom Peak, but with a unique cast of characters and a story completely separate to the show of Phantom Peak. For those who have been to Phantom Peak before, this story is out of Canon I.e., Not in continuity with the storyline of Phantom Peak.

Do I need to bring anything?

Not at all, other than your thinking caps!

Is there a dress code?

There is no specific dress code, but Steam Punk or Western dress up is recommended to get into the immersive nature of the event. We ask that all costumes are appropriate would be deemed non-offensive to others and no weapons real or fake are allowed on site. If weapons are brought to the venue, they will be confiscated on entry and returned at the end of the show or dealt with appropriately.

Where is it?

Phantom Peak, Canada Street, Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7PJ. For getting to the venue, the nearest Station is Canada Water Jubilee & Overground.

Do you serve food?

Yes, food is available from vendors on site, we politely request no external food is brought on site.

Do you serve drinks?

Yes, we have a fully functioning bar on site, including beer and cocktails on tap. The bar takes card payments only.

How long does A Most Mechanical Murder last? 

The show runs for Approximate 2 1/2-3 hours including an interval. 

Is A Most Mechanical Murder an accessible experience?

The venue allows for persons of all abilities to explore and experience the wonders within.

I’m pregnant – can I still attend?

Yes! The show doesn’t require any kind of crawling or physical exertion beyond walking and exploring the town.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No – you just need to give your name at the door.

Is there a place for me to put my things?

The venue does not operate a cloakroom. If you are bringing items that you need to store, they are left at your own discretion, and neither the venue nor Moonstone are responsible for these items.