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At Moonstone Murder Mysteries, we’re redefining immersive event experiences by providing bespoke murder mystery adventures that will leave your guests on the edge of their seats. As a leading event service in the UK, we understand the power of personalised experiences and are committed to designing unique and engaging murder mysteries to suit every occasion.

Whether you’re looking to host a corporate event, a birthday party, a charity event, or even a unique wedding reception, our team of experienced scriptwriters and performers are ready to transport you and your guests into a world of intrigue, suspense and mystery.

A Tailored Experience

Your event is unique, and so should be your murder mystery. That’s why our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs, interests, and goals. Whether you’d like to incorporate particular themes, specific characters, or even personal anecdotes into the plot, we’re here to tailor the murder mystery experience to perfectly match your occasion.

Our team are always up for the challenge, from incorporating 2 Moving Trains, questioning suspects though video link and killing off a Lord during someone’s wedding ceremony!

Unparalleled Storytelling

Our scriptwriting team are masters of suspense and skilled crafters of intricate plots. Drawing upon a wide range of themes, from historical period pieces to contemporary thrillers, they weave compelling narratives that immerse your guests in a thrilling murder mystery experience.

Stellar Performances

Our professional actors deliver stellar performances that captivate your guests and maintain the immersive atmosphere throughout the event. Adapting to the bespoke storyline, they create memorable characters that spark interest and fuel the unfolding drama.

Engaging and Interactive

Moonstone Murder Mysteries aren’t your typical spectator events. We ensure that each guest becomes an integral part of the story, getting every opportunity to question our suspects to try solve the mystery. This interactive experience fosters a dynamic atmosphere that keeps your guests engaged and invested in the narrative.

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A Lasting Impression

Our bespoke murder mystery events go beyond entertainment—they create unforgettable memories. The thrill of the mystery, the camaraderie between guests, and the satisfaction of solving the crime leave a lasting impression that extends far beyond the event itself.

Unleash a world of suspense and entertainment at your next event with Moonstone Murder Mysteries. As specialists in delivering bespoke murder mystery events, we’re ready to create an immersive, engaging, and unforgettable experience that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can offer your guests an extraordinary experience? A Moonstone Murder Mystery event is more than just a gathering—it’s a captivating narrative that every guest becomes a part of. So, get in touch with our team today and let us craft a murder mystery event that’s perfectly tailored to your occasion. Remember, every event has a story, and with Moonstone Murder Mysteries, that story could be a thrilling murder mystery that leaves everyone guessing until the very end.

*N.B Bespoke writing is subject to availability and comes with additional bespoke writing fees.

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