Curse of the Pharaohs

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Curse of the Pharaohs

Style: 1920’s Explorer Themed Whodunnit

The year is 1925, following previous discovery breakthroughs by Howard Carter’s excavation of Tutankhamun, museums and philanthropists have been scrambling to assemble explorative teams of their own in the hopes of finding a wonder in the Valley of the Kings of their own. For the last 18 months, one major expedition has been led by Sir Wilfred Marker.

After a long and expensive process of failed excavations, this week a major discovery was made, uncovered the lost tomb of little-known Egyptian Pharaoh, La-Tadkhul. After finally breaking the entrance to the tomb yesterday morning, Marker believed he had hit the jackpot, instead it seems the Curse of the Pharaohs has struck again! Not one to believe in curses, Inspector Rutherford more believes that foul play is at hand and has narrowed down potential suspect before they can evade justice with the aspis bite.

Recommended Experience Capacity: 50-120

Curse of the Pharaohs- Moonstone Murders

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