Fatality on the Ferry

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Fatality on the Ferry

Style: Modern day Nautical Farce Whodunnit

After a series of errors on the Diddly Dolphin (and another murder investigation 9 months ago), the general manager has worked hard to convince the community and tourists there won’t be any more problems. They keep their voyage route simple and have gutted out most of the boat to become the UK’s first luxury 3-day ferry cruise to the isle of wight.

Tonight, Danielle Barnes has decided to throw a special night of entertainment to drive up business, she even has managed to convince head reporter at the Island Echo to hop on board and give them a generous write up. All seems to be running smoothly, the drinks are flowing, the guests are laughing (hopefully) and there is not a floating corpse in sight. That is until it seems murder has struck twice on the Diddly Dolphin!

As luck would have it, Inspector Rutherford was on deck enjoying a mini break at the time, and has offered his services to solve the case, even if the crew weren’t too happy about it.

Recommended Experience Capacity: 6-120

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