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Killer At The Casino

Style: 1920’s American Gangster Themed

The mean streets of 1920’s Chicago were never a safe place to take the family, gangsters roam every corner, turning tricks for the likes of Capone to save themselves sleeping with the fishes. The Casinos were no exception. However, in a Mafia Don’s recent assassination order, the a little birdie caught wind and the hit failed. It seems someone hasn’t taken too kindly to this and now this canary (Also known as Joey ‘Ace Sleeves’ Carlito) has sung his final tune.

With gang members refusing to speak to the Police, Inspector Rutherford has been called onto the case and requires your assistance in catching the killer of the Blackjack Dealer. So, if you fancy a trip to the Casino, then it’s time to roll your lucky dice, put on your white spats, flapper dresses and trilbies ready to see if you can crack the case. But be Warned: No matter what you do, the house always wins…

Recommended Experience Capacity: 50-120

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