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Our shows are a type of interactive entertainment, where Guests assemble the Detective team to solve the selected case. All of the performers are played by our Professional Comedy improvisers, allowing maximum entertainment, engagement and no stress of guests having to learn/ prepare in advance!

We have cases available for most group sizes, ranging from 6-120 people. We can provide events for groups larger than 120 for a staged format or for Bespoke immersive events, opposed to an immersive dining experience setting. Contact us today for more information.

The show time does vary depending on a few factors, mainly the planned hospitality and how many questions you have for our suspects!

For a case set around a 3 Course Meal, typical running time is 3 Hours (Accounting for course times). For played straight through, it is approximately 90-120 minutes (including a comfort break).

Our shows are built to work in most spaces (after performing on moving boats and trains not a lot that we can’t work with these days!). We require enough space in the event room for our performers to be able to move around during the show.  There needs to be enough space on the table for guest Detective notepads and any clue sheets as well (please check with us depending on the plot-line how much space is needed).

We also require a separate space the Actors can use as a Dressing Room during the show. This needs to be a secure room, not accessible to the general public, where possessions can be safely left and accessed during the event. Please note A Public or Disable toilet is not suitable as a dressing room. 

Hot & Cold Drink refreshments are needed to keep our Actors well hydrated during the night! For Public Ticketed shows, our Actors also require a Main meal during the performance.

We’re afraid we do not have a set venue for our events, but we can come to pretty much any venue of your choice (subject to a few requirements) and this is the preferred option for the majority of our clients.

We also have a selection of Public shows, being hosted at venues where tickets can be purchased for. All on-sale shows can be found on our Public Shows page.

On occasion, we do host our own residency events, which will be listed either on our Public Shows pages, alongside a separate page.

Of course! We can perform at pretty much any venue, be it a hotel function room, a hired boat floating down the Thames, your dining room or even a partially nailed down gazebo (happened more than once there…), you name the place, and we bring the case.

We have two bases under the Moonstone Murders name in London & York, who can provide entertainment across most of the East of England, the Midlands and North of England (Outside of these areas and other countries available but would be subject to additional travel and accommodation costs).

For the South West of England, Murder Mystery entertainment can be provided by our partner company, Moonstone Theatre Company. More information can be found via https://www.moonstonetheatrecompany.co.uk

For our shows, all of the characters are played by our professional, experienced Actors. Guests attending the events will be assuming the role of the Detective team. Don’t despair however, as this way there is nothing to learn in advance, no risk of the murderer being revealed early on as someone’s blurted it out by mistake, and plenty of opportunity for you to interact with our suspects to test your sleuthing skills!

Our events are designed for you to have maximum enjoyment trying to solve the case, without any worry or responsibility on making the case succeed. The main thing for us is you have fun trying to catch the killer!

The number of actors depends on the group size and plot-line selected. For smaller groups we recommend one of our cost effective 3 Hander Murder Mysteries (1 Inspector & 2 Multi-rolling suspects). For larger groups we have shows with a cast of 4-6 Actors, with the majority being 5 Actor events.

Smaller groups can book a 4/5 Actor Murder Mystery if they prefer not to have multi-rolling suspects or a plotline which requires more actors, but it will be subject to higher fees.

Not at all, everything to do with the Murder Mystery our team brings along on the day of your booking (Notepads and all!)

All we ask is when setting up your tables for a dinner setting, there is space left on the table for us to place down individual notepads and any clue sheets.

Not really, we have had plenty of children with their families come along to play our cases. We have a strict no-swearing rule, but our general recommendation is 12+ due to the adult nature of some themes, murder being the most obvious! Plotlines do potentially contain themes of infidelity, violence and drug use (however these are always verbally discussed as motive clues, opposed to physically imagery). Public shows may be subject to a higher age rating, if you are looking to attend a Public Show and are unsure, please feel free to contact us to check.

Please be advised we do not provide entertainment for children’s or teenage birthday parties.

The cost of a murder mystery event depends on several factors, including the number of participants, venue, event format, and any additional services requested. Please contact us with your specific requirements, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a personalised quote.

We like to think so, but don’t just take our word for it!

At the time of writing, we have a 5*Average Rating on Facebook & Google, alongside frequent positive feedback from both Private Clients and guests who attend Public Shows. With over 300 unique clients in our last 5 years, we only use the best actors in the game to ensure you have maximum enjoyment on a Moonstone case.

Our actors are an eclectic mix of fantastic professional (and suspicious) improvisation actors. We only work with Actors who have received professional training and/or have experience working in immersive, interactive or murder mystery events.

Performing in interactive Murder Mystery events with such a high level of interaction with the audience (alongside a lot of curveball questions), it is unique genre that requires the special skills our team have by the buckets.

Our actors outside of Moonstone have worked on a variety of projects, from feature films, London’s West End, international tours and television.

Of course!

We have written numerous Bespoke events for clients over the years, from weddings with a bloodied corpse in the bathtub, to incorporating a show with moving trains, to book launches. We would be more than happy to discuss creating a bespoke mystery especially for you.

Please be advised however, for Bespoke events we ask for a minimum of 3 Months notice and will be subject to our bespoke writing capacity at the time. Bespoke events will also have additional writing fees, alongside the standard performance rate.

Yes, subject to visa allowances and travel restrictions.

We have previously performed live in Spain & Greece, alongside performing to over 15 countries across the globe online. If you are interested in booking an event outside of the UK, please contact our creative director Sam directly at s.emmerson@moonstonelondon.co.uk to discuss.

To book a murder mystery event with us, you can call us at 0800 634 3071 or email bookings@moonstonelondon.co.uk or you can contact us via the contact form on our website. Our team will get in touch with you to confirm your booking and discuss any specific requirements you may have.

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For performance enquiries, if possible please include venue location, approximate number of guests and any preferred dates to receive an accurate quote.

Please note, we are a remote Entertainment company, and do not have a venue for private events, but can come to any venue of your choosing  (subject to a few small requirements).

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